Compass Dance 2008

bebarexawame.monster/158-escort-gay-men.php Sand cast glass, 20x20x3 cm
A frozen movement in time

Embracelet 2007

Cast glass, 16x9 cm
The verb to embrace and the noun Bracelet became one in a three dimensional form.
This work was published in libaheg.info/655.php "New Glass Review", number 29, Corning Museum of Glass, NY

Marble Mark 2000

Mixed Media
Seven pairs of slides displayed by a stereoscopic binocular
Each slide is 1 sq.cm, every pair of slides illustrates a moment as it was reflected on a glass marble in a specific space

Enter-End 2008

Sandblasted glass and metal fixtures, six plates 20 x 25 x 1.2 cm each (detail)
The work deals with the gap between the virtual world and the physical world.

Double Hypertext 2005

Kiln cast glass (detail)

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Apr 20, 2016

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Sep 05, 2015

Transparent Opaque

Curator: Avital Naor Wexler
"And he made for the house transparent-opaque windows", [Kings I (Melachim...